Treating the underlying cause, not just where it hurts!

Neuromuscular Massage, is considered a Therapy Massage. I explain it as a “no frills massage therapy”.

It is a specific and thorough method of massage therapy that takes in consideration all the points that contribute to your specific problem that causes you pain, discomfort and lack of functionality for what you need to accomplish every day.

Neuromuscular Massage is a method of Massage therapy that addresses all of the ‘contributing factors’, not just where it hurts, but the underlying cause.

TMJ (jaw) work especially benefits those with clicking, jamming, clenching or grinding issues. Symptoms of TMJ include headaches and/or cervical stiffness, eye, sinus and tooth pains.

After warming up the tissues, the procedure continues with thorough and specific strokes, specifically to present trigger points and to address all the muscular areas that contribute to your cycle of pain or discomfort, or area that has been strained or traumatized.

Pain relief and return of functionality is priority.