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Deborah L. Nesbit, CMT
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Neuromuscular Deep Tissue, TMJ and Lymphatic Drainage since 1986

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December 2, 2020: A MESSAGE TO OUR CLIENTS

Please CALL ME NOW at (805) 495-8620 to discuss your particular situation and how it relates to today’s reality.

Online 24/7 scheduling is presently paused.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through the new protocols recommended by the state, county city and health departments.

See you soon!
Deborah Nesbit, CMT

Neuromuscular Massage

A method of Massage therapy that addresses all the ‘contributing factors’, not just where it hurts, but the underlying cause.

Lymphatic Drainage

Boost your immune system by stimulating your lymphatic system with hands on lymphatic drainage.

Sweat Healthy

A detoxing infrared sauna table experience that is cushioned, controlled and cozy, with chilled electrolyte water and microfiber towels included. 

Education with experience counts!

Meet Deborah L. Nesbit

With 30+ years of full time experience and continued education, Deborah provides a thorough and specific therapeutic session designed to handle your unique physical muscular pain situation or much kneaded full body relaxation.

Deborah has been trained and certified in Neuromuscular deep tissue and trigger point therapy, TMJ and immune boosting Lymphatic drainage and Sweat Healthy  infrared sauna sessions.


Combo Pricing, Series Pricing & Cash Discounts Available – Just Ask!

Sweat Healthy

Detoxing Infrared Sauna

30 up to 45 minutes ($45)
First time discount price ($35)
(Allow 75 Minutes)

NMT Massage or Lymphatic Drainage

30 minute session ($60)
(Allow 45 minutes)

60 minute session ($120)
(Allow 90 minutes)

90 minute session ($170)
(Allow 2 hours)

T.M.J. Massage

Temporal Mandibular Joint

45 minute session ($90)
(Allow 60 minutes)


Payments Accepted

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