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The authors thank Doug Lier, Alberta Cancer Board, and Charles K. Humphrey, Director, University of Alberta Data Library, for their contributions to this study. However, a previous study in a rehabilitation hospital found increased age to be an independent risk factor for suffering fall-related fracture after adjusting for confounders.25 Therefore, it may be beneficial to extend research on prevention strategies specific for serious fall-related injury, such as hip protectors, to elderly hospital patients who also have other risk factors for falling. This could indicate that even though structure aspects such as resources and administration are important, work to improve process aspects could further improve outcome. “Good Samaritan’s commitment to its patients has remained steadfast, even during the pandemic,” said President Ruth E. Hennessey. Research in the United Kingdom found that, though AstraZeneca’s and Pfizer’s effectiveness was slightly lowered when faced with delta compared to the earlier alpha variant, two doses of either vaccine were effective against symptomatic disease from delta — about 88% for Pfizer, and 60% for AstraZeneca. This comes in handy while filing tax information. The most rudimentary OBD2 scanners still simply report the error code. It is crucial that conservatives play an active, forceful role in that debate, but that will not happen if President Trump stays focused on the past.

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